MSA Aquatic Program - Group Lessons

Our swim classes meet once per week for 30 minutes.  The class schedule is ongoing and enrollment is continuous and prorated.  Please view our class schedule for specific days and times.

The Madison Swim Academy swim program was researched and designed with some fundamental principles in mind.

  • Babies already have natural instincts with respect to the water and their responses to it.
  • Babies and young children need to feel comfortable in their aquatic environment before they can begin learning skills.
  • Babies and children can benefit from developing simple techniques that can be used to reverse a potentially dangerous situation in the water.
  • Young children first need to be taught how to balance and orient themselves in the water before they are able to learn the strokes involved in swimming.

The Madison Swim Academy swim program is divided into four categories based on age and skill progression. The program is designed so that each level builds on the previous level. The four level categories are Otter Babies, Otter Pups, Otter Trotters, and MSA Otter Swim Team.

Skill Tracking

Our goal is to record, utilize and transfer information on your child's progress as accurately and efficiently as possible. When your child passes a skill, it is recorded by the instructor and they are able to update and reference this information at any time.  Every three months your child will receive a Progress Report reflecting what skills your child is working on and where they are fall within their current level . This valuable information regarding your child's abilities is then kept on file for use in future classes.

The Philosophy Behind The Success of Our Swimmers

At MSA, we use a very specific approach in the presentation and application of our swim program. The foundation of the swim lessons is based on a research based system which emphasizes the teaching of early survival skills. These essential skills are taught with an underlying importance on balance and positioning. The early introduction of these essential techniques really sets a child up to succeed when they extend beyond survival skills and are learning to swim. The four strokes require this balance and positioning to be performed correctly and proficiently. When introducing these guidelines for success from the beginning, the child will become accustomed to good habits and learn correct technique from the start.