Private Lessons

Why may my child benefit from private lessons?

  • Your child is stuck on a particular skill and a few private lessons in addition to regular lessons, may help them overcome their obstacle.
  • You have a competitive swimmer that needs to focus on a particular stroke or skill to enhance their performance. 
  • Your child has specific needs that can be better addressed through private lessons. Examples are: Beginning swimmers who are older, children who need to pass a swim test, children who are extremely fearful of the water.
  • You know that your child will work better in a one-on-one setting with an instructor.

Can adults take private lessons?

Yes! Privates are available for adults of all ages and ability levels.

  • One popular reason many adults take private lessons is because they have had little or no previous experience.  They are interested in becoming proficient and safe in the water.  
  • Another reasons an adult may take private lessons is to enhance a specific swimming skill.  Maybe they are proficient swimmers, but are training for a triathalon and would like to improve a particular aspect of their stroke.


  • Private:  $240/mo per swimmer (Fitchburg and Sun Prairie)
  • Semi-Private (2 swimmers):  $200/mo per swimmer (Fitchburg and Sun Prairie)

Please contact the front desk at 608-630-9800 for more information on scheduling.