Special Needs Program

Madison Swim Academy has prided itself on its comprehensive Special Needs Program. We have been offering special needs classes for several years and have built up quite an extensive base in the community.

At MSA, we offer classes for children with the following challenges:

  • Autism & other Sensory Needs
  • Blind
  • Deaf
  • Downs Syndrome
  • Semi-Verbal & Non-Verbal
  • Physical Needs

Our goal is to work with children in a supportive, safe environment that allows them to thrive. Water can often act as a positive medium, allowing connections to be made that may not have otherwise taken place.

Class sizes are determined on a case by case basis. While many children start out in a one-on-one class, it is not uncommon to eventually move to a group setting in which there is much success as well.

Call us at 608-630-9800 to talk to us about your specific situation and we can offer discounted pricing as well.